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Tyramide signal amplification (TSA) is a powerful tool for enhancing immunofluorescence signal for low abundance targets and allows for multiplexing with antibodies from the same host. Biotium CF® Dye Tyramides also give robust signal in catalyzed reporter deposition (CARD) systems such as RNA-FISH.

  • Boost IF Signal: Increases sensitivity by up to 100-fold
  • Versatile: Compatible with IHC, ICC, FISH and FFPE tissue
  • Wide Selection: Available in 21 CF® Dyes, biotin, DNP, and more
  • Ready-to-Use Kits: For detecting mouse, rabbit, or biotinylated antibodies



Left image.jpg Right image.jpg

Sequential multiplex tyramide labeling of human colon FFPE section with three CF® Dye Tyramides. Cytokeratin (pan) was labeled with CF®488A Tyramide (green); Histone H1 was labeled with
Cy®3 Tyramide (red); ZO1 was labeled with CF®640R Tyramide (magenta).


Sequential labeling of fixed HeLa cells with two

CF® Dye Tyramide Amplification Kits. COXIV (mitochondrial marker) was labeled with CF®488A Tyramide (green). Cyclin B1 (nuclear marker) was labeled with CF®568 Tyramide (magenta). Actin filaments were labeled with CF®640R Phalloidin (red), and nuclei were stained with DAPI (blue).

See our Tech Tip for multi-color fluorescence imaging using our tyramide amplification kits.

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