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Biotium社 Expand your flow panels with novel APC & R-PE CF® tandem dyes





Expand your flow cytometry panels with unique APC and R-PE CF® tandem dyes available with rapid and efficient Mix-n-Stain™ Antibody Labeling Kits.
Biotium’s CF® tandem dyes enable larger panels by increasing the number of detectable labels per laser. In addition, CF® tandem dyes are designed for optimal FRET between the donor and acceptor molecules, offering exceptional brightness and performance in flow cytometry.

  • RPE-CF®583R for the PE-Texas Red® channel
  • RPE-CF®647T for the RPE-Cy®5 channel
  • APC-CF®750T for the APC-Cy®7 channel
  • APC-CF®790T for spectral cytometry or the APC-Cy®7 channel



Mix-n-Stain™ Fluorescent Protein & Tandem Dye Antibody Labeling Kits offer industry-leading conjugation efficiency and performance


  • Choice of APC, R-PE (PE), PerCP, or tandem dyes
  • Labeling takes 4 hours or less with minimal hands-on time
  • Kit sizes for labeling 25-50 ug, 50-100 ug, or 1 mg IgG
  • No purification, 100% recovery


Antibody_labeling_kits.jpgOverview of Mix-n-Stain™ Fluorescent Protein and Tandem Dye Antibody Labeling Kit Protocol




Also view our Mix-n-Stain™ CF® Dye Antibody Labeling Kits, available in 32 bright CF® Dyes from blue to near-IR


  • 30-minute labeling with minimal hands-on time
  • Choice of 32 CF® Dyes as well as FITC, Cy®3, Cy®5, biotin and other labels
  • No purification after labeling, so no antibody loss
  • Compatible with common antibody stabilizers like BSA
  • Kit sizes for less than 5 ug and up to 1 mg antibody
  • 3-pack kits for labeling multiple antibodies



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