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CF® Dyes Lead the Industry for Super-Resolution Applications


Recent publications comparing synthetic dyes for super-resolution imaging have shown CF® dyes give the best performance for multiple methods. The superior brightness, photostability, and photochemical switching properties of certain CF® dyes are ideal for 3-D SIM, multi-color 3-D STORM, and other super-resolution and single molecule imaging techniques.

CF® Dyes Available as Single-Label Secondary Antibody Conjugates for STORM


Secondary antibodies with a low degree of labeling (DOL, or number of dye molecules per antibody molecule) have been reported to be optimal for STORM. We offer single-label secondary antibody conjugates with an average DOL of one for STORM applications.


CF®568 (left) produces better images of microtubules than Cy®3b (right) in 3-D STORM microscopy. Images courtesy of Sam Kenny and Professor Ke Xu, College of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley.

CF® dyes are also available in:

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MemBrite™ Fix Cell Surface Staining Kits


MemBrite™ Fix Cell Surface Staining Kits provide a convenient way to visualize cell boundaries in multicolor staining experiments.

  • Covalent cell surface labeling that be fixed & permeabilized for IF staining
  • Stain mammalian cells, yeast, or gram-positive bacteria
  • Choose from 12 bright & photostable dye colors from blue to near-IR
  • Validated in super-resolution imaging applications or 2-photon microscopy
  • MemBrite™ Fix-ST dyes recommended for super-resolution imaging by STORM



Choose from a wide selection of bright and photostable dye colors from blue to near-IR.


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