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Biotium社 Issues with tissue autofluorescence? Check out this Tech Tip.



Tech Tip: Battling Tissue Autofluorescence


Sick of autofluorescence interfering with your imaging results? Check out our Tech Tip: Battling Tissue Autofluorescence to learn about common causes of autofluorescent background as well as an easy to follow protocol for using our TrueBlack® autofluorescence quencher to resolve this issue.





Also see our new EverBrite TrueBlack® Hardset Mounting Medium

    • Mount samples and quench autofluorescence in one step
    • Optimally formulated for protecting fluorescent dyes from photobleaching
    • Choice of nuclear counterstain: DAPI, NucSpot® 640, or no counterstain




Find more helpful articles on our Tech Tips & Protocols page to help you get the best results for a variety of applications.

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