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One-Step Blue® & One-Step Lumitein™

Rapid, Non-toxic Protein Gel Stains

Biotium's One-Step protein stains are safe and sensitive alternatives for colorimetric, UV, or fluorescent detection.

  • Non-toxic: Aqueous formulations; certified under CCR Title 22 as non-hazardous for safe and easy disposal
  • Rapid: Quick 5 to 60 minute staining in a single step without fixation or washing
  • Clearer: One-Step Blue® provides clearer staining than Coommassie® or other colorimetric stains
  • Versatile: Compatible with Edman-based sequencing and mass spectrometry




Unstained protein ladder was loaded on a 4-12% Bis-Tris gel and stained for 1 hour with Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250 (CBB), Simply Blue™ SafeStain (SB), and One-Step Blue® (OSB) following SDS-PAGE. 








GloMelt™ Protein Thermal Stability Assay

A versatile thermal shift assay for analyzing protein unfolding or thermal stability.

  • Green fluorescence optimal for qPCR instruments and ROX normalization
  • Compatible with a wide pH range, high detergent, reducing agents, and common buffers/excipients
  • Great for high throughput assays, low reaction volumes, and low protein concentrations
  • Highly soluble and stable in aqueous buffers



Environmentally sensitive fluorescent dyes can be used to monitor the temperature dependent unfolding of a protein. The proteins melting temperature (Tm) is a reporter of the proteins thermal stability.




AccuOrange™ Fluorescent Protein Quantitation Assay

Highly sensitive and versatile fluorescence-based assay for quantifying purified protein samples.

  • More sensitive than BCA, Bradford, and Lowry assays
  • Excellent linearity and low variability
  • Stable fluorescence signal
  • Compatible with reducing agents and other additives
  • For use with purified protein or antibody samples


The AccuOrange™ fluorescent protein quantitation assay is more linear and less variable than the NanoOrange® assay.



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