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Read our free tech tip on detection of exosomes by flow

During the development of our ExoBrite™ stains, our scientists tested many isolation methods and various staining methods reported in the literature. In our tech tip, they share what they learned about achieving optimal fluorescent staining and detection of exosomes by flow cytometry.



The article includes:


  • A detailed comparison of exosome isolation methods
  • Tips for using fluorescent antibodies or membrane dyes to label exosomes
  • Best practices for flow cytometry detection of exosomes


Learn about EV and exosome biology in our recent blog post on the subject.




ExoBrite™ Membrane Stains; available in 4 colors for flexible experimental design.

ExoBrite™ EV Membrane Staining Kits give bright and specific staining of isolated exosomes by flow cytometry and overcome some of the challenges of exosome detection such as high background and dye aggregation.


  • Designed for exosome detection by flow cytometry
  • Bright fluorescence and low background for excellent signal-to-noise
  • Compatible with antibody co-staining
  • Stain purified or bead-bound exosomes



SEC-purified MCF-7-derived exosomes were stained with ExoBrite™ EV Membrane Stains.



Looking for validated exosome antibodies?

Biotium offers several different antibody clones against exosome marker proteins CD9, CD63, CD81, and Ep-CAM. Each antibody is available in 6 bright CF® Dyes or biotin. 




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