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Biotium社 Quantifying RNA or DNA? Try our Accu-series kits!


Our industry-leading, fluorescence-based kits allow precise and sensitive quantitation of DNA or RNA across a wide range of concentrations. Unlike absorbance-based nucleic acid quantitation, our highly specific fluorescent DNA and RNA binding dyes provide a more accurate quantitation in the presence of common contaminants such as free nucleotides, protein, detergents and salts.

DNA quantitation kits for plate readers

AccuBlue® and AccuClear®

  • Accurate and sensitive detection ideal for NGS and digital PCR
  • Kit options for detecting from 1 pg to 2000 ng DNA
  • Economical kits with exceptional quality
  • The AccuBlue® NextGen assay is the most sensitive DNA quantitation assay on the market
  • The AccuClear® assay has a very broad dynamic range, allowing quantitation of nearly any sample
  • Available with or without calf thymus dsDNA standards

DNA quantitation kits for Qubit® Fluorometer


  • Economical kits with exceptional quality
  • Direct replacements for Qubit® kits, ready to use with HS or BR programs
  • Kit options for detecting from 1 pg to 2000 ng DNA

RNA Quantitation Kit


  • Wide linear range of 5-1000 ng RNA spans Qubit®/Quant-iT™ HS and BR ranges
  • RNA selective assay can tolerate equivalent amounts of dsDNA
  • For fluorescence microplate reader or small fluorometer like Qubit®
  • Mammalian RNA standard to accurately quantify similar samples

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