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Biotium社 RNAstorm[TM] significantly improves RNA yields from FFPE tissues



Usage of the NanoString® platform to evaluate the effect of RNA integrity on gene expression profiling of FFPE samples


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Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedding (FFPE) is a common preparation for biopsy specimens. A tissue sample is first fixed in formaldehyde (formalin) to preserve the tissue proteins and structures by chemically cross-linking proteins and other amine-containing molecules. The sample is next embedded in a paraffin block, making it easier to cut thin sections to mount on a slide for microscopy. FFPE samples, sometimes archival ones, also offer a valuable source for molecular studies such as DNA sequencing and RNA expression analyses and can provide insight into disease progression and prognosis, with cancer and neurological diseases being common subjects. However, gene expression analysis of FFPE tissues is often hindered by poor RNA quality, resulting from oxidation, or chemical cross-linking and other modifications induced by the fixation and embedding process. Recently, methods have been established that offer more reliable gene expression analyses on poor quality samples, although few studies have aimed to compare the effectiveness of different RNA extraction and analysis workflows.
A recent publication in Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment by Manjunath et al. compared several FFPE RNA workflows for use in NanoString® nCounter®-based RNA profiling. NanoString® is a probe-based technology that allows...


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Manjunath, H. S., Al Khulaifi, M., Sidahmed, H., Ammar, A., Vadakekolathu, J., Rutella, S., et al. Gene Expression Profiling of FFPE Samples: A Titration Test. Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment21, 15330338221129710 (2022).

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