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Biotium社 Run DNA Gel 3X Faster with Our New Buffer


Wish your agarose gel was done already? Speed up routine DNA gel analysis with Biotium's new Go-Go™ Fast DNA Gel Running Buffer. This novel low ionic strength running buffer allows you to run DNA agarose gels at higher voltage to get results up to 3X faster than with TAE or TBE buffer.

  • Save time: Run your gel 3X faster than with TAE or TBE
  • Clear results: Provides crisp band resolution
  • Versatile: Excellent results with GelRed®, GelGreen®, and other popular gel stains
  • Supplied as a 50X concentrated stock solution
GelRed® Prestain Plus 6X DNA Loading Dye was used to load 1 kb DNA ladder 1% agarose gels cast in 1X Go-Go™ Fast DNA Gel Buffer (left) or 1X TBE (right). The Go-Go™ Fast gel was run at 300 V (27 V/cm) for 30 minutes, while the TBE gel was run at 100 V (9 V/cm) for 90 minutes. Lanes 1-4: 1 kb DNA Ladder from 200 ng to 25 ng per lane.

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