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Biotium社 Still culturing for viability? Switch to viability PCR.




Stop culturing and switch to viability PCR (v-PCR), an extremely fast and sensitive method for the selective detection of viable microorganisms.


Advantages of v-PCR with PMA & PMAxx™

  • Sensitive: Leverages the exceptional sensitivity of PCR for viability analysis
  • Rapid: Obtain accurate results the same day, unlike plate-based viability assays
  • Specific: Enables strain-specific detection of microbes in complex samples
  • Validated: Published for dozens of bacteria, fungi, and viral species
  • Stain-Specific Kits: Available for E.coli, S. enterica, M. tuberculosis, S. aureus, & more

viability.jpgThe basic v-PCR workflow involves the following 5 steps: dye addition, incubation, light exposure, DNA extraction, and qPCR.

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Looking for publications?


Check out our literature digests on the use of viability PCR with PMA and PMAxx™ for monitoring bacteria in the environment and their use for assessing viral integrity.


Literature Digest: Monitoring Viable Bacteria in the Environment with PMA and PMAxx™
Literature Digest: Viral Integrity with PMA & PMAxx™

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