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Biotium社 Trusted DNA & RNA Quant Kits for Fluorometer or Plate Reader



Affordable Kits with Exceptional Performance

RNA Quantitation Kit

AccuBlue® Broad Range RNA

  • Wide linear range spans HS and BR kit ranges
  • RNA-selective assay, can tolerate dsDNA
  • For fluorescence microplate reader or Qubit®
  • Mammalian RNA standard

DNA Quantitation Kits for Plate Readers

AccuBlue® & AccuClear®

  • Ideal for quantifying DNA for NGS, dPCR, & more
  • Options for detecting 1 pg to 2000 ng DNA
  • AccuBlue® NextGen: Unsurpassed sensitivity
  • AccuClear®: Most versatile working range

DNA Quantitation Kits for Qubit® Fluorometer


  • Interchangeable with Qubit® kits
  • Ready-to-use with HS or BR programs
  • Exceptional cost savings compared to Qubit® kits

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