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PathoGreen™ Histofluorescent Stain, 1000X


Product Description
PathoGreen™ Histofluorescent Stain is an anionic green fluorescent dye . The dye stains degenerating neurons and their processes after exposure to a variety of neurotoxic insults in brain sections and cultured neurons. The mechanism of neuronal staining by anionic fluorescent dyes has not been determined. It has been proposed that the negatively charged dyes bind to positively charged polyamines or other molecules specifically generated in dying neurons.

Reference: Schmued, L.C. and Hopkins, K.J. Fluoro-Jade: Novel Fluorochromes for Detecting Toxicant-Induced Neuronal Degeneration. Toxicol Pathol 28, 91 (2000).

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Figure 1. Degenerating neurons in a section of mouse hippocampus stained with PathoGreen™ Histofluorescent Stain.


Product Name Product No. Size Downloads
PathoGreen Histofluorescent Stain, 1000X in water 80027-5mL 5 mL



80027-50mL 50 mL




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