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BLDpharm is dedicated to surpassing your expectations by delivering the utmost quality and reliability in a diverse range of chemicals, catering to various fields. With a global presence and an extensive logistics network, we guarantee exceptional product availability and swift delivery to meet your needs efficiently.

What does BLD have?
Chemistry Material Science
Pharmaceutical Intermediates Life Science
Inhibitors/Agonists Catalysts and Ligands

Top Picks for You!

We are dedicated to consistently recommending our featured products to you, particularly those geared towards cutting-edge applications at the forefront of technological trends, such as new materials. We are also eager to help you select the products for your specific applications and offer any guidance you may require. 
OLED Materials
Boronic Acid and Esters Fluorinated Building Blocks 
E3 Ligands Piperazine Building Blocks
ADC Linkers MOF Ligands
PROTAC Linkers  Cobalt Catalyst 
Spiro Building Block  Pd Catalyst 
COF Monomers Photocatalyst
Fluorination Reagents Nucleosides and Nucleotides
Phosphine Ligands Ionic Liquids
Chiral Phosphine Ligands Oxazoline Ligands
NHCs Ligands Cross Linkers

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