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Lyophilized powder
Amount of material 2 x 100 μl when reconstituted
Validated applications WB, IF, IP, ChIP
Species reactivity All
Host/Isotype Mouse/IgG2b
Clone 3C6.08.20
Cat # AAC01


Western Blot using Acetyl Lysine Antibody

Cytoskeleton's Anti-Acetyl Lysine Antibody Cat. # AAC01 recognizes 10 ng of chemically acetylated BSA and is comparable in sensitivity to other commercially available antibodies.  Unlike other Anti-Acetyle Lysine antibodies this antibody does not show cross reactivity with non-acetylated BSA.



Immunoprecipitation using Acetyl Lysine Antibody

Ability of AAC01 to IP histones was compared to other commercially available antibodies.  Cytoskeleton's Anti-Acetyl Lysine Antibody provides clear advantages for IP applications. Each tube is sufficient for approximately 20 IP assays.  


antibody cyto 2.jpgImmunofluorescence using Acetyl Lysine Antibody
Human epidermoid carcinoma A431 cells, untreated (left) or treated (right) with TSA (5 mM for 12 h), were stained as described in the method. Acetylated cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins were visualized in green fluorescence. Note that in contrast with the untreated control, acetylated microtubule network is clearly visible in TSA-treated sample. The fluorescent nuclear  intensities indicate the high abundance of acetylated proteins in the nucleus.
antibody cyto 3.jpgChIP using Acetyl Lysine Antibody
Chromatin was prepared from A431 cells, either untreated or TSA-treated (5 mM, 4 hrs). Briefly, cells were fixed with 1% formaldehyde for 10 min and enzymatically-sheared chromatins were immunoprecipitated by using anti-acetyl antibodies (1:100 dilution). The promoter region of housekeeping gene GAPDH was amplified by a primer pair and PCR products were analyzed by 2% agarose gel-electrophoresis.
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