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Actin Kits and Probes from the Cytoskeleton Experts




Cytoskeleton Actin Kits


With Cytoskeleton Inc. Actin Kits You Can:


  • Measure the effects of proteins and drugs on actin polymerization/depolymerization.
  • Discover and characterize actin binding proteins (ABPs).
  • Quantitate G-actin (monomer) vs F-actin (polymer) in cell or tissue lysate.
  • Minimize set-up time from months to days.





Recent Actin News



Host–Pathogen Interactions And The Actin Cytoskeleton


Cytoskeleton's August Newsletter is all about host pathogen interactions and the actin cytoskeleton. Learn about how pathogenic bacteria exploit the actin cytoskeleton and its associated molecular machinery.




Cytoskeleton Acti-Stain™: Actin Visualization Tools


The Acti-stain™ line of fluorescent phalloidins has been developed with an emphasis on creating exceptionally bright and stable probes at an economical price.


Side-by-side comparisons with similar products demonstrate that you will enjoy savings while not sacrificing visualization quality with Acti-stain™ probe.


The combination of in-house manufacturing, stringent quality control and convenient packaging provides excellent value.




ROCK1 Mechano-Signaling Dependency Of Human Malignancies Driven By TEAD/YAP Activation


Targeting specific signaling pathways to treat cancer has led to an array of new therapeutics with promising outcomes.   Recently, Esposito et al. sought to investigate the mechanism by which a group of P53 mutants activated the TEAD/YAP transcriptional machinery, and discovered that they do so indirectly through ROCK1-dependent mechanisms as a means to drive oncogenesis. These p53 missense mutations impair p53’s ability to bind its target promoter regions and in their screen were found to enhance TEAD transcription that was mediated via the mevalonate (MVA) pathway.


Signaling_pathways.gifAbove: Schematic of Signaling pathways dysregulated during oncogenesis that regulate TEAD/YAP transcription, and potential targets for therapeutic intervention.





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Motor Protein Products

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