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RhoA G-LISA Activation Assay Kit


The RhoA G-LISA™ Activation Assay is faster and more precise than traditional pull-down methods and is a trusted approach to measure Active RhoA.


Why Use RhoA G-LISA (BK124)?

The G-LISA RhoA activation assays are ELISA based Rho activation assays with which you can measure RhoA activity in cells in less than 3 h.


• High Sensitivity and Accuracy

• Small Amount of Material Required

• Compatible with Tissue and Cell Lysates


Product Uses for BK124 Include:


  • Rho signaling pathway studies
  • Studies of Rho activators and inactivators
  • Rho activation assays with limited material



RhoA activation by calpeptin measured by G-LISA kit BK124. Swiss 3T3 (mouse) cells were serum starved for 24 h and treated with calpeptin (Cal; 0.1 mg/ml for 30 min) or DMSO carrier only (SS). 10 µg of cell lysates were subjected to the G-LISA™ assay. Absorbance was read at 490 nm.





Recent Citations


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Cytoskeleton Inc's Activation Assay News


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Oncogenic RAS drives cells to the cancerous state through a wide range of mechanisms, including: the establishment of cancer cell plasticity (1), enhancement of cell migration and metastasis (2) and metabolic reprogramming towards anabolic metabolism (3). This Newsletter focuses on the emerging area of RAS driven oncogenesis via the evasion of host immune attack...... Vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) oscillate between a differentiated (contractile) and a de-differentiated (synthetic) phenotype. In a recent study by Talwar et al., the group discovered that VSMCs, under selective ECM conditions, can also exist in a null state and can be driven towards the conventional differentiated or de-differentiated phenotypes in response to Rac and Rho signaling......
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Cytoskeleton has written quite a bit about Small G-Proteins and Activation Assays over the years, and we've collected our newsletters in one convenient place that you can review at your leisure.






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