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Biologically Active Recombinant Proteins


Eukaryotic kinesin motor proteins utilize the energy of ATP hydrolysis to move cargoes, such as chromosomes and vesicles, along cytoskeletal microtubule networks. They play a major role in almost all aspects of intracellular transport and are involved in a wide range of physiological processes, including embryonic development, axonal transport, and cell division. 


Kinesin Heavy Chain Motor Domain Protein: GST Tagged (KR01)


Product Uses:

  • Measurement of microtubule-activated ATPase activity
  • Identification/characterization of proteins or small molecules that affect motor ATPase activity
  • Identification/characterization of proteins or small molecules that affect kinesin motility
  • Identification/characterization of proteins or small molecules that affect motor/microtubule interactions



KR01.jpgFigure Legend. Microtubule activated kinesin ATPase assay (Cat. # BK060) using kinesin heavy chain motor domain protein (Cat. # KR01) and pre-formed microtubules (Cat. # MT001). Each condition (microtubules (MT) alone, kinesin alone and microtubules + kinesin) was performed in triplicates.



Recent Citation


Jong-Wei Lin et al. Dexamethasone accelerates muscle regeneration by modulating kinesin-1-mediated focal adhesion signals. Cell Death Discov. 2021 Feb 17;7(1):35. doi: 10.1038/s41420-021-00412-4.





Cytoskeleton's Motor Protein Tools:

Proteins - (Well characterized ATP analogs, perfect starting point to discover Kinensin ATPase inhibitors)

Kits - (Reliably measure ATPase activity, or characterize Kinesin inhibitors)

Drugs and Buffers - (Perfect for in vitro research on cytoskeletal components)

F-Actin Filaments - (<99% Pure, Highly Reliable and Reproduceable Results)

Microtubules - (Pre-formed Microtubules, enhance Kinesin hydrolysis)




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