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New Live Cell Probes

SPYRHO 555.png



SPYRHO 555 is a fluorogenic dye ligand for the RNA aptamer RhoBAST.

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SPY-FastAct Probes


SPY-FastAct™ is a unique live cell actin probe. It labels very dynamic actin filaments.

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PKmito™ Probes


PKmito™ probes for gentle imaging of mitochondria in live cells.

Spirochrome Probes for Live Cell Imaging

Spirochrome technology is based on the proprietary fluorophore silicon rhodamine (SiR) and SPY™ fluorophores. The fluorescence excitation and emission of SiR and SPY™ fluorophores cover the whole visible spectrum. SiR and SPY™ fluorophores are compatible with most microscopes usually falling within usual settings such as Cy3, Cy5 or FITC.

Key Features of Spirochrome SiR and SPY™ Probes:


·     Cell permeability,

·     High photostability,

·     Fluorogenic character

·     Compatibility with super-resolution microscopy.


Live-cell imaging probes developed by Spirochrome are cell-permeable compounds which stain microtubules (SiR-Tubulin), F-actin (SiR-Actin), Lysosomes (SiR-Lysosome) and chromosomal DNA (SiR-DNA) in living cells. 


Also available: next generation live-cell SPY™ Probes, membrane tension FLIPPER TR probes, BG-Substrates, and the mitochrondiral imaging  PKmito™ probes from Spirochrome™.

Try The Three New LipiBright Lipid Droplet Probes


LipiBright probes are photostable and possess narrow absorption and emission bands, a distinct advantage over the traditional Nile Red probe; thus, multicolor imaging is possible. These probes exhibit ideal characteristics for microscopy and have been validated with multiple techniques including epifluorescent (widefield), confocal, and two photon.

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Available in 3 Color Options

LipiBright™ SMCy3.5 can be visualized using a TRITC or similar filter set. LipiBright™ SMCy5.5 can be visualized using a Cy5 or far-red filter set. LipiBright™ SMCy7.0 can be visualized using a Cy7 or infrared filter set.

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