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Rhodamine Fibronectin

Fluorescently Labeled To Enhance ECM Investigation


Fibronectin plays a major role in cell adhesion, growth, migration, actin dynamics and differentiation, and it is important for processes such as wound healing and embryonic development. Many of these functions are mediated through fibronectin binding to integrin receptor proteins.  


Rhodamine Fibronectin (FNR01):

Fibronectin purified from bovine plasma and has been modified to contain a covalently linked rhodamine fluorescent dye. An activated ester of rhodamine has been used to label the protein with a labeling stoichiometry of approximately 1.0 dye per protein molecule.


Product Uses Include:


    • Tracking cell movement through a 3D matrix
    • Tracking cell movement across a glass slide
    • Observation of fibronectin matrix assembly and cell adhesion.
    • FACS analysis of fibronectin binding cells

MCF10A_cells.jpgMCF10A cells treated with fluorescent rhodamine fibronectin (Cat. # FNR01). Image kindly provided by A. Varadaraj and M. Karthikeyan, Universityof South Carolina, Columbia, SC.





Recent Citation

Lauko D. et al. Baculovirus actin-rearrangement-inducing factor ARIF-1 induces the formation of dynamic invadosome clusters. Mol Biol Cell. 2021 Aug 1;32(16):1433-1445. doi: 10.1091/mbc.E20-11-0705.



Cytoskeleton's Full Selection of ECM Proteins


The Extracellular Matrix (ECM) is composed of collagen, non-collagenous glycoproteins, and proteoglycans. These components are secreted from cells to create an ECM meshwork that surrounds cells and tissues. The ECM regulates many aspects of cellular function, including the cells' dynamic behavior, cytoskeletal organization, and intercellular communication.


ECM.PNG Fibronectine.PNG Laminin.PNG

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Related Tool - Protein Assay Solution (Cat. # ADV02)


Developed by scientists at Cytoskeleton, the Precision Red Advanced Protein Assay (cat. # ADV02) is highly recommended for measuring purified protein and total cell protein alike.


ADV02 is compatible with detergents, and retains the same similarity between different purified proteins. In comparison to the Bradford assay these assays read different purified proteins with two fold greater accuracy which allows the user to rely on the simple A = Ecl formula to convert the OD into a real protein concentration.

Figure1.pngFigure 1: Standard curves of Actin, BSA, IgG and Tubulin protein using the Precision Red Advanced Protein Assay Reagent





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