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Cytoskeleton Inc's Tubulin Tools

Purified Tubulin Protein - Get it from the Experts


Cytoskeleton Inc has provided Tubulin and Tubulin related tools to the scientific community for almost 30 years. Our selections of proteins, kits, live cell probes, pre-formed microtubules, and Tubulin stains are trusted by scientists.

Product range includes:

  • tubulins from fungal to human origin
  • fluorescent and biotinylated conjugants
  • user friendly kits.
  • tubulin antibodies
  • live cell probes


Our optimized tubulin kits enhance productivity and save investigators significant time. 






Tubulin News:


Product Highlight:

Tubulin Protein (Pre-Formed Microtubules) from Porcine Brain (MT002) Product Uses:


  • Substrate for activation of kinesin ATPases
  • Determination of IC50s for kinesin inhibitors
  • Used in Cytoskeleton, Inc’s kinesin ELIPA and End point ATPase assays (Cat.# BK060 & BK053)
  • Substrate for discovery and characterization of microtubule binding proteins (MAPs)
Ideal for HTS applications (inquire for bulk rates) 
Microtubules.PNG Pre-formed_microtubules.PNG


Alternative Tools For Studying Tubulin Dynamics



Comparison of SPY-labeled HeLa cells imaged with confocal vs. STED microscopy. Imaged with 93X objective and provided courtesy of Spirochrome.


HiLyte Fluor™ 488 labeled microtubules formed from HiLyte Fluor™ 488 labeled tubulin.

Spirochrome Tubulin Imaging Tools:

SiR-Tubulin Kit (CY-SC002)

Cytoskeleton Kit (SiR Actin and Tubulin) (CY-SC006)

SiR700-Tubulin Kit (CY-SC014)

SPY555-Tubulin Kit (CY-SC203)

SPY650-Tubulin Kit (CY-SC503) 

Cytoskeleton Fluorescent Tubulins:

Fluorescent AMCA (TL440M)

Fluorescent HiLyte 488 (TL488M)

Rhodamine (TL590M)

X-Rhodamine (TL620M)

Fluorescent HiLyte 647 (TL670M) 





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