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Fluorescent Actin and Tubulin Proteins For In Vitro and Live Cell Imaging

Cytoskeleton offers several reagents for in vitro and live-cell research including fluorescent proteins, cell permeable protein activators and inhibitors, as well as our recent addition of live cell imaging probes.

Fluorescent Tubulin

Fluorescent Tubulin.gif

Cytoskeleton offers Fluorescent Tubulin, which has several uses:


·    Laser based applications

·    Monitoring microtubule dynamcs in living cells

·    Speckle microscopy

·    Formation of fluorescent microtubules

·    Microscopy studies of MAP and microtubule associated motor activities



Fluorescent Actin

Fluorescent Actin.jpg

Cytoskeleton's Fluorescent Actin Advantages:


·    Highly Pure

·    Biologically Active

·    Highly Validated and Published


Product Uses Include

·    In vivo actin polymerization studies (micro-injection into non-muscle cells)

·    In vitro motility studies using fluorescent F-actin and non-muscle myosins

More Live Cell Imaging Tools For Your Research:

MemGlow™ Probes For Bioimaging

Part of the MemBright Family of Probes

Cytoskeleton distributes 5 bright fluorogenic probes to visualize the cellular plasma membrane. Originally developed as the MemBright™ probes, MemGlow™ probes provide high photostability, exhibit excellent fluorescent quantum yields, and some of them are super-resolution compatible.

More Live.png


Meet the GO-Blot V2


Fully Automated And Programmable Western Blot Processor


Reproducibility is an essential part of any scientific process. Yet, anyone that has processed a western blot knows how variable this process can be due to multiple manual steps. With the GO-Blot V2 western processor, you can reduce variability in this process while freeing up time to focus on the important parts of your project. Create your unique protocol to reproduce the manual method you are currently using.

NEW Go-Blot.pngNEW Go-Blot V2: Features and Upgrades

·    Flexible and easy to use - 3 tray designs, less consumable waste, simplified cleaning process

·    Programmable protocols - Save time and use established processes, or customize your own protocols

·    Easy, remote access - Monitor progress of runs while out of the lab, Wifi and Mobile Enabled

·   Lean blueprint - Space saving, sensibly priced, runs on only 2 watts of power!



Actin Protein Products


Small G-Protein Products


Tubulin Protein Products

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