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Cytoskeleton's G-Switch Line


The G-switch™ line of small G-protein tools has been developed with an emphasis on creating highly potent reagents that target endogenous Rho family proteins and pathways. In contrast to methods that rely on over-expression or knockdown of target proteins (e.g., DNA transfection of dominant-negative or constitutively-active Rho mutants, RNAi knockdown), G-switch™ reagents act rapidly on the endogenous target protein (in minutes to hours, depending on the product), thereby optimizing the chance of generating a more physiologically relevant response.


G-switch_Line.jpgThe G-switch™ product line includes reagents that directly and indirectly modulate Rho family signal transduction, thereby offering a wide range of mechanistic tools to study these critical cellular functions. Click the buttons below to learn more about G-Switch Activators and Inhibitors

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Recent G-Switch and Small G Protein Related Writings

Cytoskeleton's March Citation Spotlight


    This study investigated the VSMC phenotypic state in response to ECM stiffness and discovered an alternative VSMC null state where traditional VSMC phenotypes emerge from in response to differential Rac and Rho signals





    Recent Newsletter

    News_Letter.pngThe appearance of Rac and Cdc42 proteins on the radar of the medical scientific community started in the 1990’s with seminal papers by Professor Alan Hall’s laboratory at MRC, UK. They identified Rac and Cdc42 small G-proteins (R&C) as central regulators of cell motility, shape and protrusions (lamellipodia and filopodia)1,2. Now several decades later, the concept has been fully proven in a multitude of publications (see refs. in these reviews 3 & 4), and the realization that these proteins are central to cancer cell motility and invasion has led the field to.... Click to read more

    Small G Protein Brochure

    Brochure.pngCytoskeleton, Inc. has a wide assortment of Small G-protein tools and reagents to aide in your small G-protein investigation. Browse through this brochure to see a sampling of our Small G-protein tools including purified proteins, Biochem Kits™, potent activators and inhibitors, and so much more.









    G-LISA Small GTPase Activation Assays


    G-LISA Small GTPase Activation Assays offer a fast and sensitive method for performing small G-protein activation assays. Kits are availabe for RhoA, Rac1, Cdc42, and more...


    The G-LISA Activation Assays Advantage:


    • High Sensitivity and Accuracy
    • Results in 3 Hours
    • Flexible Format
    • Small Amount of Material Required
    • Compatible with mouse, rat and human tissues and cells 



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