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Cytoskeleton社 March 2022 Newsletter: ABP's and their Effect on Synaptic Plasticity




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Recent Discoveries on ABP’s and their Effect on Synaptic Plasticity


Rapid changes occurring at the level of microscale connections between neurons are the primary mechanism for learning and memory and are known as synaptic plasticity. Dendritic spines are dynamic structures with essential roles in brain connectivity and their ongoing formation, disappearance, and stabilization are critical for long-term synaptic plasticity. The actin cytoskeleton is a structural element underlying the proper development and morphology of dendritic spines, where it controls the morphological and structural changes induced by synapse activation[1]. The three-dimensional structure and dynamics of actin filament networks are regulated by actin binding proteins (ABPs)[2]. We describe recent studies highlighting both established and novel actin binding proteins and their effect on synaptic plasticity...

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