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New MemGlow Nile Red Membrane Polarity Probes


Distinguish Lipid Order and Lipid Disorder Phases in a Model Membrane


The team at Membright set out to create a Fluorescent Plasma Membrane probe that allowed for nanoscale visualization of the cell membrane. Starting from the NR12S Nile Red probe, the creators of MemGlow have created two novel probes for distinguishing Lipid Order and Lipid Disorder in model membranes. NR4A - the first probe suitable for SR-PAINT imaging, and NR12A - a strong binding long-chain probe which is suitable for conventional microscopy and 3D confocal imaging of membrane surfaces. 




Legend: 3D Image of HeLa Cells Stained with NR12A,






NR12A Membrane Polarity Probe Product Functions (MG07)


  • The NR12A Probe is a long-chain probe with strong membrane binding


  • Suitable for Conventional Microscopy


  • Higher Affinity for Large and Giant Unilamelar Vesicles than traditional Nile Red


  • Exclusively Stain Plasma Membranes


  • Obtain high quality 3D Confocal Images of the Membrane Surface



MemGlow™ Probes For Bioimaging

Part of the MemBright Family of Probes


Cytoskeleton distributes 5 bright fluorogenic probes to visualize the cellular plasma membrane. Originally developed as the MemBright™ probes, MemGlow™ probes provide high photostability, exhibit excellent fluorescent quantum yields, and some of them are super-resolution compatible.






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