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Cytoskeleton社 Molecular mapping of neuronal architecture using STORM microscopy and MemGlow Fluorescent probes



Molecular Mapping of Neuronal Architecture Using STORM Microscopy and New Fluorescent Probes for SMLM Imaging


Tools and methodologies that enable precise imaging of neuronal architecture are in great demand as scientists seek to effectively analyze the structure of synapses and their associated proteins. Recently the Danglot group reported on new software in combination with membrane labeling probes to detect pre and postsynaptic proteins. The statistical object distance analysis (SODA) software effectively analyzes cellular shape and spot density and was able to detect distances between two synapse-associated proteins synapsin and PSD95. Importantly, the SODA software was even used to perform 3D analysis, making it suitable for use with thick 3D volume STORM images...


Figure Legend: Schematic of the SODA protocol used for spatial distance analysis. This figure was adapted from Breton et al. 2024. Neurophotonics. doi: 10.1117/1.NPh.11.1.014414.

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