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Cytoskeleton社 MYO10-filopodia support basement membranes in DCIS



MYO10-filopodia support basement membranes at pre-invasive tumor boundaries

The transition from benign ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) to invasive breast cancer (IBC) involves the escape of cells through a breach of the basement membrane (BM) that surrounds the DCIS. There has been significant progress in understanding how cancer cells penetrate through BMs, but less is known about how cancer cell progression itself impacts the BM. A recent study by the Ivaska lab identified that Myosin-X (MYO10), an inducer of filipodia, has a profound effect on BM formation around DCIS, and may play opposing roles in early vs late breast cancer progression. Preliminary studies from human patient samples showed elevated levels of MYO10 in DCIS and IBS relative to normal mammary epithelium.  


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MYO10-filopodia_2.gifAbove: Effects of MYO10-filipodia on breast cancer during tumor progression.


Link to Citation:

Peuhu E. et al. MYO10-filopodia support basement membranes at pre-invasive tumor boundaries. Dev Cell. 2022 Oct 24;57(20):2350-2364.e7. doi:10.1016/j.devcel.2022.09.016.


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