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Three New Lipibright Lipid Droplet Probes


We are excited to announce our latest product Lipibright! These probes consists of bright, fluorogenic live cell dyes that stain lipid droplets. LipiBright™ probes fluoresce 300 to 1000 times brighter in an oily/lipid environment compared to aqueous solutions.


LipiBright probes are photostable and possess narrow absorption and emission bands, a distinct advantage over the traditional Nile Red probe; thus, multicolor imaging is possible. These probes exhibit ideal characteristics for microscopy and have been validated with multiple techniques including epifluorescent (widefield), confocal, and two photon.



Available in 3 Color Options


Yellow Lipibright Far Red Lipibright Near-Infrared Lipibright
LipiBright™ SMCy3.5 can be visualized using a TRITC or similar filter set. LipiBright™ SMCy5.5 can be visualized using a Cy5 or far-red filter set.  LipiBright™ SMCy7.0 can be visualized using a Cy7 or infrared filter set.


SMCy3.5 mol Structure



SMCy5.5 mol Structure



SMCy7.0 mol Structure


Emission and Excitation Spectra




Above: Structure and range of fluorescence. A - Structure of LipiBright SMCy3.5, 5.5 and 7.0, note the increasing length of spacer between exciter and emitter portions. B - Normalized absorption spectra (blue) and normalized emission spectra (orange) of SMCy3.5, SMCy5.5 and SMCy7.5 in Labfrac oil. 


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