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Purified Actin from the Cytoskeleton Experts 


Cytoskeleton, Inc. offers a large selection of highly pure and biologically active actin proteins, actin binding proteins, and research Biochem Kits™.  Our Actin Biochem Kits allow researchers easy access to highly cited and trusted tools. 


Cytoskeleton offers unmatched activity and purity in the most comprehensive actin portfolio.

Advantages of Cytoskeleton Actin Include:


  • Choice of >95% or >99% pure
  • Labeled or unlabeled proteins
  • Cytoplasmic, and cardiac, skeletal and smooth muscle sources
  • Bulk quantities available






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Actin protein (>99% pure): bovine cardiac muscle (Cat. # AD99)

Actin protein (>99% pure): chicken gizzard muscle (Cat. # AS99)

Actin protein (pre-formed filaments): rabbit skeletal muscle (Cat. # AKF99)

Actin protein (>95% pure): rabbit skeletal muscle (Cat. # AKL95)

Actin protein (>99% pure): rabbit skeletal muscle (Cat. # AKL99)

Actin protein (>99% pure): human platelet (Cat. # APHL99)

Actin protein (rhodamine): human platelet (Cat. # APHR)

Actin protein (rhodamine): rabbit skeletal muscle (Cat. # AR05)



Cytoskeleton Acti-Stain™: Actin Visualization Tools


The Acti-stain™ line of fluorescent phalloidins has been developed with an emphasis on creating exceptionally bright and stable probes at an economical price.


Side-by-side comparisons with similar products demonstrate that you will enjoy savings while not sacrificing visualization quality with Acti-stain™ probe.


The combination of in-house manufacturing, stringent quality control and convenient packaging provides excellent value. 



Cytoskeleton Actin Kits

With Cytoskeleton Inc. Actin Kits You Can:


  • Measure the effects of proteins and drugs on actin polymerization/depolymerization.
  • Discover and characterize actin binding proteins (ABPs).
  • Quantitate G-actin (monomer) vs F-actin (polymer) in cell or tissue lysate.
  • Minimize set-up time from months to days.


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Actin Binding Protein Spin-Down Assay Biochem Kit: rabbit skeletal muscle actin (Cat. # BK001)

Actin Polymerization Biochem Kit (fluorescence format): rabbit skeletal muscle actin (Cat. # BK003)

Actin Binding Protein Spin-Down Assay Biochem Kit: human platelet actin (Cat. # BK013)

G-Actin/F-actin In Vivo Assay Biochem Kit (Cat. # BK037)



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March Newsletter: Recent Discoveries on ABP’s and their Effect on Synaptic Plasticity

Cytoskeleton's March Newsletter is all about Actin Binding Proteins and their effect on synaptic plasticity. Learn about the multitude of functions that impact actin structure and dynamicity.




Mechanical Actions Of Dendritic-Spine Enlargement On Presynaptic Exocytosis

Communication between neurons in the brain is generally associated with electrochemical signaling. Haruo Kasai’s laboratory discovered that dendritic spines could be stimulated to enlarge rapidly, which at the time they hypothesized could result in pressing against the presynaptic boutons in the synaptic junction and elicit an effect; however, at the time the tools to effectively investigate this phenomenon wasn’t available. In this recent study, the group validated their theory that physical forces elicited by dendritic spine enlargement can produce mechanosensory force signals in presynaptic boutons.

Synapse.gifAbove: Schematic of spine enlargement and its effect on the presynaptic bouton








G-protein.gifSmall G-Protein Products Tubulin.gifTubulin Protein Products Motor.gifMotor Protein Products

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