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Actin Binding Proteins (ABPs) are proteins that bind to actin to alter its function and/or polymerization state. Cytoskeleton, Inc.sells a range of purified ABPs, which are assayed to ensure that their activities are comparable to published values. Assays vary by product and include F-actin severing assays, F-actin-activated ATP hydrolysis, and actin polymerization assays.  


Profilin 1 Protein (PR02)


Product Uses Include

  • Actin binding studies
  • Actin polymerization studies



Profilin protein has been expressed in E.coli via chromatography without a tag. Thus the protein does not contian a 6xHis or other tag.



Actin_polymerization_Inhibition_Assay.jpgActin Polymerization Inhibition Assay. The ability of profilin to inhibit actin polymerization was assessed by SDS-PAGE of proportionally loaded supernatant (S) and pellet (P) fractions from G-actin incubated with and without profilin-1 according to the assay method.


Actin Tools in Action

YAP.gifYAP Regulates Hematopoietic Stem Cell Formation In Response To The Biomechanical Forces Of Blood Flow. (Click To Learn More)




ABP Tools From the Protein Experts


Actin Binding Proteins











Actin polymerization stimulated by Arp2/3 and the WASP VCA domain. Kit BK003 was used to study the effects of Arp2/3 (Cat. # RP01) and the WASP VCA (Cat. # VCG03) domain on actin polymerization in vitro.




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