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Trusted 99% Purified Tubulin Protein

Tubulin Protein (>99% Pure): Porcine Brain (Cat # TL240) Product Uses Include:


·     IC50 & EC50 determinations for anti-tubulin ligands.


·     Microtubule binding studies


·     Tubulin monomer binding studies


·     HDAC6 studies


·     Microtubule activated kinesin ATPase assays


Tubulin_55kDa.gifAboveFigure 1: A 20 µg sample of T240 protein was separated by electrophoresis on a 10% SDS-PAGE gel and stained with Coomassie Blue. Protein quantitation was performed using the Precision Red Protein Assay Reagent (Cat. # ADV02).

Recent Citations


Budaitis B et al. A kinesin-1 variant reveals motor-induced microtubule damage in cells. Curr Biol. 2022 Jun 6;32(11):2416-2429.e6. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2022.04.020.


Capizzi et al. Developmental defects in Huntington's disease show that axonal growth and microtubule reorganization require NUMA1. Neuron. 2022 Jan 5;110(1):36-50.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2021.10.033.

Tubulin Related Newsletter and Citation Spotlight

Newsletter.jpgNewsletter: Motor Control: How Kinesins Drive Mitosis



Citation: Molecular Crowding And RNA Synergize To Promote Phase Separation, Microtubule Interaction, And Seeding Of Tau Condensates

More Tools For Studying Tubulin Dynamics

Comparison of SPY-labeled HeLa cells imaged with confocal vs. STED microscopy. Imaged with 93X objective and provided courtesy of Spirochrome.



HiLyte Fluor™ 488 labeled microtubules formed from HiLyte Fluor™ 488 labeled tubulin.


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