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IBA Lifesciences社 哺乳類細胞(HEK293E細胞)タンパク質高発現ベクターシステム MEXi














Protein expression in mammalian cells has experienced an
increased usage within the last years. In contrast to other
expression systems (like E. coli) recombinant proteins
produced in mammalian expression systems can provide
more post-translational modifications, such as glycosylation,
which are a necessity for the functionality of the expressed

IBA offers all essential components for efficient protein expression
in mammalian cells with the mammalian expression
system MEXi:







iba westernblot.png


The MEXi system combines high protein yields with high purity
Secreted alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) and a mAb, both fused with Twin-Streptag (TST), were expressed with the MEXi system and purified via the TST resulting in high yields of pure protein: 143 mg/l cell culture for SEAP and 96 mg/l for the mAb, heavy (HC) and light chain (LC).






iba vector.pngpDSG-IBA expression vector:
Available with different tags, like Twin-Strep-tag, Strep-tag®II and 6xHis-tag and BM40 secretion signal.


Cat. No. Name
5-52XX-000 pDSG-IBA Expression vectors
2-6010-010 MEXi-CM Culture Medium
2-6011-010 MEXi-TM Transfection Medium
2-6001-001 MEXi-293E HEK293E cell line












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