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Immunotherapy | Conjugatable PRR Ligands

Immunotherapy aims at modulating the immune system to fight against diseases, either by strengthening natural immunity in the context of infectious diseases and cancers, or by dampening immune responses in the context of autoimmune diseases/inflammatory conditions.
InvivoGen offers immunotherapy-related products to help your research on ISACs, Vaccination, Immune Checkpoints:

Immune Stimulating Antibody Conjugates (ISACs)
Engineered recombinant antibodies coupled to synthetic PRR ligands that potentiate immune responses by triggering the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines.
➜ Conjugatable STING Ligands
➜ Conjugatable TLR7 Ligands

A large choice of vaccine adjuvants, as well as the ovalbumin (OVA) model antigen.
➜ Vaccine Adjuvants
➜ OVA Antigen
➜ AntigenAdjuvant Conjugates (AACs)


Immune Checkpoints (ICs)
Coinhibitory or costimulatory molecules expressed at the surface of immune cells that act as gatekeepers of immune responses.
➜ IC-expressing cell lines
➜ Anti-IC cell-based assays (BioIC™)
➜ Biosimilar IC antibodies in various IgG formats
➜ Mouse anti-mouse IC antibodies for in vivo studies
➜ IC Fc-fusion proteins


Examples of immunotherapies

InvivoGen’s innovative products

• Innate Immunity Sensors
• PRR ligands
• Reporter cell lines
• Inhibitors
• Inflammasome
• Antibodies & ELISAs
• Vaccination

• Mycoplasma detection & elimination
• Selective antibiotics
• Covid19
• Proteins & Peptides
• Cloning and expression vectors
• Genes and promoters
• Custom services


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