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InvivoGen offers a large collection of inhibitors for the study of innate immunity signaling pathways, including modulators of various actors implicated in pattern-recognition receptor (PRR). Most of our inhibitors are InvitroFit™: each lot is highly pure and functionally tested.

Innate Immunity Signaling Inhibitors


InvivoGen offers a selection of inhibitors targeting different innate immunity pathways: at the receptor/sensor level, at distinct steps of intracellular signaling. Take a look at our bestselling inhibitors:

➜ AcYVADcmk: Caspase1 inhibitor
➜ Bafilomycin A1: VATPase inhibitor
➜ BX795: TBK1/IKKε inhibitor
➜ LL37: TLR2 and TLR4 activation inhibitor
➜ ODN TTAGGG (A151): TLR9, AIM2 and cGAS inhibitor
➜ OxPAPC: TLR2 and TLR4 inhibitor
➜ ZVADFMK: Pan-Caspase inhibitor


New Packing Size: Alhydrogel® Adjuvant 2%


We now offer a new unit size of 5 x 10ml Alhydrogel® for your easy usage. Alhydrogel® is elected as the International Standard Preparation for aluminium hydroxide gels (alum). It induces a Th2 response by improving the attraction and uptake of antigen by antigenpresenting cells. Check out full collection of our vaccine adjuvants.


➜ Alum and Emulsion
➜ Preclinical grade PRR Ligands
➜ Conjugatable PRR Ligands


New KO Cell Lines for DNA Sensor Study


Human THP1 monocytes or derived macrophages are a common cellular model to study DNA sensing as they naturally express all cytosolic DNA sensors identified so far (except DAI). We have thus released two new KO THP1 cell lines relevant for DNA sensor research. They have a biallelic knockout of the DNASE2 or SAMHD1 gene respectively, which allow you to have a screening of interactions between DNase2 or SAMHA1 and other signaling protein.

➜ THP1Dual™ KODNase2 cells
➜ THP1Dual™ KOSAMHD1 cells


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