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Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery


Technologies that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) have emerged to improve precision and speed up the time-consuming drug discovery phases. Many AI companies are thus partnering with pharma or biotech companies to help computationally screen through compound library and identify potential drug candidates. Here are a few examples of recent collaboration between AI companies and pharmas:



PRR Screening Service


Understanding the needs in AI-driven drug discovery, InvivoGen offers a high quality immunomodulatory compound screening service that can aid AI players in screening the compound library. Through validating the biological activities of compounds with cell-based assays, AI systems could narrow down the candidate choices and identify better molecules. Using our engineered HEK293 cells, compounds of interest can be tested for a panel of PRR ligands, including TLR, NOD1/2, RIG-I/ MDA-5, Dectin-1, Mincle and STING.

Screening Service Level 1


  • Compound Profiling
    Single dose testing on a set of PRRs

Screening Service Level 2


  • Compound Dose Response
    Dose response on one or several PRRs

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Pseudotyping Vectors

InvivoGen offers a collection of plasmids specifically designed for pseudotyping lentiviral particles with the full-length SARS-CoV-2 Spike (S) protein. These plasmids can also be used for screening of SARS-CoV-2 inhibitors including small molecules, monoclonal antibodies, or convalescent plasma.

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