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InvivoGen presents a new insight newsletter reviewing inflammasome sensors and introducing new reporter cell lines, a new detection reagent, and mycoplasma detection kit.

NLRP1 & NLRP3: a tale of two inflammasome sensors

NLRP1 inflammasome cellular assays NEW
➜ A549ASCNLRP1 reporter cells
➜ A549ASCoV2NLRP1 reporter cells
➜ NLRP1 inflammasome inducer (ValboroPro)


TLR4 reporter cell lines NEW
➜ THP1Dual™ Cells
➜ THP1Dual™ MD2CD14TLR4 Cells
➜ THP1Dual™ MD2CD14 KOTLR4 Cells


QUANTILuc™ 4 Lucia/Gaussia NEW
➜ A secreted luciferase detection reagent (liquid formulation)


Bonus: InvivoGames
➜ Crossword puzzle and "find 10 differences" game


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MycoStrip™ Mycoplasma Detection Kit
InvivoGen's simple test to detect cell culture contaminating mycoplasma based on isothermal PCR.
• Simple No special lab equipment required
• Clear One band: negative, Two bands: positive
• Fast Performed in 1 hour, less than 15 mn of hands-on time
• Specific Designed to detect Mycoplasma and Acholeplasma
• Highly Sensitive Able to detect as low as 10-10² CFU/ml
• No false positive
• Available with cassettes : 10,20,50 tests
• Available without cassettes : 50 (NEW) and 100 tests


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• Innate Immunity Sensors
• PRR ligands
• Reporter cell lines
• Inhibitors
• Inflammasome
• Antibodies & ELISAs
• Vaccination

• Mycoplasma detection & elimination
• Selective antibiotics
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• Proteins & Peptides
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• Genes and promoters
• Custom services


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