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Cell Culture

Primary cell cultures face a constant threat of microbial contamination both from the original source and the surrounding environment, especially in the isolation of primary cells from both animal and human tissue, including commensal flora and subclinical infections.
InvivoGen hereby offers Primocin®, a broadspectrum antibiotic formulation that is gentle on primary cells but lethal to the microbes.

Prevention of contamination in primary cells
Primocin® is active against bacteria, mycoplasma, and fungi. It can be used throughout culturing process (e.g. culture media, washing solutions and biopsy storage media). Primocin® is successfully used in
many types of primary cell cultures and cited in various standardized primary cell culture protocols, e.g.,

➜ Human & murine embryonic cells and pluripotent stem cells
➜ Differentiated mouse & humanderived cells
➜ Organoids & spheroids
➜ Tumor organoidTcell coculture systems


Protect your cells with InvivoGen
No matter the type of contamination you want to prevent or eradicate, InvivoGen has the solution for you:

➜ Normocin™ Protection against Mycoplasma, Bacteria & Fungi
➜ Normocure™ Elimination of Bacteria
➜ Plasmocin® Prevention and Elimination of Mycoplasma
➜ Fungin™ Prevention and Elimination of Fungi


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