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iXCells Biotechnologies社 Human Glutamatergic Neurons (iPSC derived, GFP labeled, Normal)




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Discover why iXCells Glutamatergic neurons are a game-changer for translational research and high-throughput drug discovery applications. Their high maturity and functionality have been validated through patch clamp data and MEA analysis, demonstrating stable resting membrane potentials, action potential firing, and synaptic transmission.

iXCells have taken it a step further by enhancing visual identification and tracking capabilities with GFP labeling. This feature enables precise experimental observations and analysis, including co-culture experiments with other cell types. Now, you can track and evaluate the interactions and dynamics between different cell populations, unlocking new avenues for studying neuronal networks and microenvironment effects.


Here are some key features of new product:

·         High maturity and functionality - Fully characterized by gene expression, action potential

·         GFP labeling for enhanced visual identification and tracking

·         Ideal for neurodevelopmental disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and synaptic   dysfunctions

·         Robust and scalable cells for high-throughput screening


With iXCells’ Glutamatergic Neurons, you can delve into the intricacies of neural research and gain invaluable insights into the mechanisms underlying various brain conditions.


Discover our range of associated products:

iXCells is offer Human Glutamatergic Neuron Maturation Medium, along with a comprehensive product lineup that includes a wide range of options. iXCells’ offerings include normal and diseased iPSC cell lines, iPSC-derived cell products, and much more. Explore iXCells’ extensive selection today!

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