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iXCells Biotechnologies社 新製品:ヒトiPS細胞由来ドーパミン作動性ニューロン





We are excited to announce the launch of a fully differentiated and functional human iPSC-derived Dopaminergic Neurons.


iXCells Human Dopaminergic Neurons are derived from the directed differentiation of iPSC lines using an integration- and footprint-free differentiation protocol resulting in high-purity authentic dopaminergic neurons that mature in a short period of time. These neurons are ideally suited for studies involving control and disease-related dopaminergic neurons produced from iPSC lines in applications for drug and neurotoxicity screening and co-culture studies. 


Product Highlights:


  • Ready-to-use, fully differentiated authentic dopaminergic neurons
  • Express relevant markers: Characterized by TH, FOXA2, MAP2, DAT, PSD95, Syn1, TUJ1
  • High purity: >80% TH positive cells, >90% TUJ1 positive cells                         
  • Functionally validated: Electrophysiological activity, release of DA                
  • Compatible with a wide range of cell-based assays: toxicity assay, calcium signaling, neurite outgrowth and retraction, co-culture with glia cells  
  • Long term culturing viability: more than 60 days in optimized maintenance media. 


You can learn more about this product by clicking here.

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