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Dear Valued Customers


We are delighted to inform you about the availability of the recording for the 2nd Annual iXCells Rare Disease Awareness Workshop. You haven't missed your chance to explore groundbreaking sessions on advancing patient-focused therapies. The entire workshop is now available online, providing you with the flexibility to engage with the content at your convenience.


Why You Should Watch:


·       Engage with leading experts, including Julia Vitarello, Dr. Tim Yu (Boston Children's Hospital), Dr. Gene Yeo (UCSD, Locanabio), Dr. Jeanne Loring (Aspen Neuroscience, Scripps Research), Dr. Don W. Cleveland (UCSD), Dr. Winston Yan (Harvard Medical, Co-Founder at Arbor Biotechnologies; President of N=1 Collaborative), among others. They will deliver invaluable insights into the latest advancements in rare disease research and the power of collaborative innovation.

·       Learn about the latest developments in iPSC-derived CNS models, antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs), and the power of collaboration in driving personalized treatments.

·       Be Inspired by stories of resilience and determination from parents and advocates in the rare disease community.



Our on-demand playlist features three insightful sessions:


1.     Fighting Like a Mother: Insights from pioneering parents.

2.     Unlocking Hope: Advances in iPSC-derived CNS models and ASO development.

3.     Powering Progress: Industry Collaboration in Personalized N-of-1 Solutions.



This is more than just a chance to catch up; it's an opportunity to be part of the conversation shaping the future of patient-focused therapies. With Rare Disease Day approaching, let's amplify the impact by sharing these insights with your network.


Access the workshop recording here and immerse yourself in the forefront of rare disease research and collaboration.


Best regards,

iXCells Biotechnologies



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