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LifeSensors社 Designing K-RAS Degraders to Overcome Drug Resistance



Designing KRAS Degraders in Cellular-Based Assays


Targeting Oncogenic KRAS

The K-RAS oncogene is a compelling drug target due to its mutation frequency in several cancers. Protein degradation mechanisms as a therapeutic strategy is undergoing revolutionary advances at LifeSensors.

Cancers become resistant to classic K-RAS inhibitors. Discovering novel degraders by applying PROTAC/molecular glue mediated in vitro or in vivo ubiquitination and degradation, simultaneously, will overcome drug resistance.

K-RAS-based degraders with PROTAC and molecular glue mediated ubiquitination, featuring a suite of tools and assays.

Ternary Complex & HTS In Vitro Ubiquitination

Biophysical Studies with KRAS PROTACS

Cell-Based Assays


LifeSensors' suite of assays is designed to study PROTAC and molecular glue-mediated ubiquitination and degradation of proteins of interest. Identify suitable ligases and provide mechanistic insights that help chemists rationally design potent PROTACs and molecular glues.

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