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VU-1, The World's Most Powerful Anti-Ub Antibody


Everyone struggles to find their ubiquitinated protein "needle" in a protein "haystack". Ubiquitinated proteins and ubiquitin can be found in all regions of life science - oncology, neurology, pathology, and immunology, to name a few. Don't rustle around in the hay empty-handed; let LifeSensors' VU-1 antibody do the searching for you!


·     Western blotting is the most common technique for detecting proteins and their modified forms. However, western blotting can be hit-or-miss depending on the quality and specificity of the antibody used.

·     Sensitive ubiquitin antibodies are crucial for detection, since only a small fraction of protein is poly-ubiquitinated.

·     peer-reviewed study compared five different ubiquitin antibodies to analyze the ubiquitination levels of proteins in rat heart and liver samples.

·     LifeSensors’ proprietary VU-1 antibody outperformed the other antibodies by detecting significantly more ubiquitinated proteins. It was the only antibody capable of detecting free ubiquitin in the liver samples.

·     LifeSensors provides this important research tool to achieve different goals:

·         assessing the ubiquitination state of your protein of interest

· confirming the substrate of an E3 ligase or a deubiquitinating enzyme (DUB)

·      assessing the effect of a small molecule or PROTAC on a ligase or DUB activity

"The VU-1 antibody from LifeSensors is the best anti-ubiquitin antibody that we have found after trying more than ten different anti-ubiquitin antibodies." - Aldrin Gomes, Associate Professor, University of California

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