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TUBEs: Discovering more than you thought possible


The Ubiquitin Proteasome System (UPS) is a highly conserved and crucial intracellular protein degradation system that is implicated in many significant biological processes and disease pathologies.

Discovery of PROTACs, a new class of drugs being developed against many human diseases, is paramount. Applications of TUBEs has expedited discovery of PROTAC mediated ubiquitination of many drug targets. 


Tandem Ubiquitin Binding Entities, or TUBEs, have been developed to bind, protect, and isolate polyubiquitinated proteins. These useful tools are selective in both their pan and chain selectivity applications with nanomolar affinities. LifeSensors has developed chain selective TUBEs for K48, K63 and M1 linkages.



TUBEs are available as affinity tagged (-GST, -Flag, -His6), bead conjugates (Magnetic and Agarose), and pre-coated assay plates UbiquantTM, that can be used for different research purposes, including PROTAC research. TUBEs are incorporated in different in vitro and cell-based assays/kits developed and commercialized by LifeSensors.


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