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Tandem Ubiquitin Binding Entities: TUBEs

Solving The Problem You Didn't Know You Had


TUBEs: Ubiquitin Affinity Matrix


We have a problem.

Usually, ubiquitinated proteins are studied via immunopreciation of over expressed ubiquitin, immunoblotting, or isolation of polyubiquitinated proteins.

These methods are inefficient, irreproducible and require DUB/proteasomal inhibitors. These affect cell physiology, markedly impacting experimental conclusions or creating artifacts.

How can we avoid these significant issues?


Tandem Ubiquitin Binding Entities have been developed to overcome these problems.

TUBEs are able to protect proteins from deubiquitination AND proteasome-mediated degradation even without inhibitors usually required to block this activity. In addition to pan ubiquitination, you can monitor and isolate Lys 48, Lys 63 or linear ubiquitinated proteins. 

The nanomolar affinity of TUBEs for polyubiquitinated proteins allows high efficiency in isolation as well as characterization of the proteins from cell lines and tissues!

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