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Based on protein domains known to possess an affinity for ubiquitin, Tandem Ubiquitin Binding Entities (TUBEs) have been developed for the isolation and identification of ubiquitylated proteins. TUBEs display up to a 1000-fold increase in affinity for poly-ubiquitin moieties over the single ubiquitin binding associated domain (UBA). In addition, TUBEs display a protective effect on polyubiquitylated proteins, allowing detection at relatively low abundance. TUBEs effectively "capture" proteins in their polyubiquitylated state [1-3].
The affinity of Anti-K48 TUBE for K48 linked tetra-ubiquitin is approximately 50-fold higher than its affinity for K63- linked tetra-ubiquitin. His6 Anti-K48 TUBE can be used to isolate, enrich, and identify ubiquitylated proteins from cells, tissues, and organs.










Product Information

Affinity tag: His6-SUMO
Purity:> 90% by SDS-PAGE
Molecular Weight: 37,825 Da
Physical State: liquid
Quantity: 75μg
Solubility: >30 mg/mL
Storage: -80℃. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles





Detection of Tetra-Ubiquitin Chains via Far Western Blotting. (Left) Increasing amounts (10-
100ng) of Tetra K48-linked ubiquitin. (Right) To demonstrate the specificity of biotin anti-K48 TUBE we ran 50ng of K63, Linear and K48-linked Ub4. The blot was probed with 10μg/mL biotin anti-K48 TUBE in TBHS-T containing 1% BSA. After washing, the blot was incubated with avidin-HRP at 1:5000.




Product Name Catalog# Size
Anti-K48 TUBE, His6
UM205 75µg
Anti-K48 TUBE, Biotin UM305 200µg
Anti-K48 TUBE, Agarose UM405 1ml
Anti-K48 TUBE, Flag UM605 75µg







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