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USP7、USP14、USP19、USP9x ノックダウン HeLa 細胞


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RNAi is the major approach for studying a targeted gene function with high specificity and selectivity as a reliable alternative to laborious knockout strategies.


LifeSensors is offering SilenciX®, gene-specific knock-down cell lines ‘silencing’ DUBs and/or other important proteins of interest using a unique siRNA delivery system developed by tebu-bio Laboratories*. Based on EBV-replication, SilenciX ensures chromosome-like replication without integration in the genome. Reinforced by an optimal hygromycin selection, this loss-of-function model comes with exceptional features determined by three major factors:

·        Targeting - specific and efficient

·        Stability - homogenous and constant knockdown

·        No off-target effects - genome and transcriptome integrity



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Main benefits:



SilenciX® employs a pEBV-derived plasmid delivery system designed to deliver optimal and constant siRNA levels without off-target effects (Biard, 2007). The Epstein-Barr (EBV)-based vector is anchored to chromosomes and replicates as a replicon without any integration in the genome. Reinforced by optimal hygromycin selection, the number of vectors is perfectly maintained. This avoids saturation of the RNAi machinery resulting in specific and homogeneous knockdown of the desired target.


Comparison to traditional RNAi approaches:

  siRNA shRNA SilenciX

Human and rodent cell lines
Stability 2-3 days Several months Several months; start each experiment with the same cell batch - just thaw the vial
Efficiency >70% validation by qPCR
Production time Few days, controlling each experiment 5 weeks 2/3 days
Reproducibility no Yes, with experience High reproducibility, Homogeneous population


Applications of specific knock-down cellular model using SilenciX® technology


For each cell line, you receive:

• One vial of target specific SilenciX® cells

• One vial of control SilenciX® cells (transfected with a non-relevant shRNA sequence)

• Specification sheets with qPCR quality controls and details of shRNA sequence

•   Complete user manual


Despras E, Pfeiffer P, Salles B, Calsou P, Kuhfittig-Kulle S, Angulo JF, Biard DS. Long-term XPC silencing reduces DNA double-strand break repair. Cancer Res. 2007 Mar 15;67(6):2526-34.


Product Name Cat No Volume
USP14 HeLa SilenciX SLX-00163 1 kit
USP19 HeLa SilenciX SLX-00164 1 kit
USP7 HeLa SilenciX SLX-00159 1 kit
USP9X HeLa SilenciX SLX-00160 1 kit

*SilenciX® is a registered trademark of tebu-bio; technology licensed from the CEA.



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