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Ubiquitin (Ub), a highly conserved, 8 kDa polypeptide present in all eukaryotic cells, is conjugated to the ε-amino group of lysine residues in the target protein through the sequential action of three enzymes, an E1 Ub activating enzyme, an E2 conjugating enzyme, and an E3 ligase. In addition, the seven lysines within Ub itself can serve as Ub acceptors leading to the formation of polyubiquitin chains. Among these K48 and K63 linkages are well characterized. K48-linked polyubiquitylation targets proteins for proteasomal degradation whereas K63 linkages regulate signaling events, receptor endocytosis and immune responses. Polyubiquitin linkages at other lysines are less prominent and their physiological role remains largely unknown.

VU-1 is a monoclonal antibody that has been shown to recognize free ubiquitin, K48-, K63-, K11- and linear chains on Western blot. Other linkages have not been specifically tested.

VU-1 is an excellent antibody for immunostaining applications generating robust ubiquitin detection and low background with an ability to detect subcellular ubiquitin localization:





Rat primary neuron triple stained with antibodies to ubiquitin (VU-1; red), microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP2; green), and the nuclear stain DAPI (blue)




Sections of human brain stained with VU-1 ubiquitin monoclonal antibody visualized using DAB chromogenic substrate: A) Multiple System Atrophy, B) Parkinson's Disease, C) Progressive Supranuclear Palsy



VU-1 can be used in multiple applications (see Applications and Benefits)

Species: Murine
Purity: >90%
Isotype: IgG1
Production: Cell Culture
Concentration: 0.5 mg/mL



Product Name Catalog # Size
VU-1 Ubiquitin Mouse Monoclonal Antibody VU101 250ug



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