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Product Description:

 CyAL-5 2-deoxyglucose (CyAl-5 2-DG) is a fluorescent imaging agent designed to target a wide spectrum of cancers such as breast, glioblastoma, colon and prostate in vitro as well as in vivo. 2-DG is a glucose analog that utilizes the GLUT transporters for entry into the cell. One of the hallmarks of many cancer cells is an elevated uptake of glucose. Numerous fluorophores, including 800CW [1] and 2-NBDG [2] have been used to label 2-DG for tumor detection. FDG has been used extensively in PET imaging for diagnosis and tumor response monitoring in various types of cancer [3,4].

CyAL‐5 cRGD is a fluorescence imaging agent comprising a potent cyclic RGD peptide, c(RGDfK)
designed to target integrins and a CyAL‐5 dye with emission at 658 nm. This agent has been developed to target αvβ3 expression in the neovasculature as well as tumor cells, to monitor angiogenesis and growth and treatment efficacy. The integrin family is comprised of 25 identified members, which are heterodimers of 19 α‐ and 8 β‐subunits imbedded noncovalently into the cell membrane [5]. Generally, linear RGD peptides, such as GRGDS (Gly‐Arg-Gly‐Asp‐Ser), often have low affinity (IC50 > 100 nM) and selectivity for αvβ3 and αIIBβ3 [6], and undergo rapid degradation in serum by a variety of proteases [7]. Cyclic RGD (cRGDfk) has shown elevated binding affinity and selectivity for αvβ3 over αIIBβ3 [6,8].




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 Product Name Catalog No. Size
 CyAL-5 2DG DG-1001  125 nmol
 CyAL-5 cRGD RG-1001  25 nmol


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