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Introducing Flow Cytometry Control and Standardization Beads
In flow cytometry, collecting accurate, reliable, and robust data relies on proper flow cytometer
maintenance and experimental setup.
Novus Biologicals now offers beads specific for Calibration, Compensation and Cell Counting that are designed to help ensure your instrument is operating properly and that your data is both reproducible and reliable.

Methamphetamine and HIV
Cause Mitochondria Dysfunction

Read our latest blog
post to learn how human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and methamphetamines cause
neuronal injury through mitochondrial dysfunction and disrupted mitophagy and
autophagic machinery.


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Autophagy Handbook

Our guide will refresh and expand your Autophagy IQ. Download or request a copy today and learn about:

  • Key molecular players
  • Recommended methods
  • Available tools in Autophagy


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Antibody Packs

Are you looking to evaluate a panel of antibodies? Our Antibody Sampler Packs allow you to economically test multiple targets of a biological pathway or key molecular markers.


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2021 CiteAb Awards

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