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OriGene社 3 reasons why you should choose OriGene for your ELISA needs?





Developed and selected from OriGene’s extensive TrueMAB® antibody collection, OriGene’s ELISA antibodies undergo a multi-step validation process that optimizes antibody performance to generate great results for your ELISA application.


Why use OriGene's ELISA antibody pair?

1. Antibodies raised against full-length human proteins

2. Highly specific and sensitive monoclonal antibodies

3. Wide range of selection: More than 100 pairs available. Learn more




Here are some of our most popular ELISA antibodies


fig1.png fig2.png fig3.png

MAPK1 ELISA with 6F8 Capture (TA600063) and 4D10 Detection (TA700062) Antibodies. Substrate used: Recombinant Human MAPK1 (TP304703)

GFAP ELISA with 4G7 Capture (TA600559 and 10B2 Detection (TA600559) Antibodies. Substrate used: Recombinant Human GFAP (KEK293 cells expressed protein)     

ELISA: Jun Antibody(TA590119)



Antibody Specificity Service

Ultra-specificity is the prerequisite for any antibody used in diagnostics. Research data shows that some monoclonal antibodies on the market are not mono-specific. OriGene provides you with UltraMAB service, the ultimate array test to validate antibody specificity.

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