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OriGene社 Announcement: OriGene launches new logo!



Launching New Logo! 



With the new year, OriGene is proud to announce the launch of a new logo that reflects the evolution of OriGene from a genomics to proteomics company. OriGene started as a key supplier of cDNA clones, but today we offer more than 200K+ antibodies, proteins, and more. The new logo reflects the evolution of OriGene. We will continue our mission to develop high-quality products based on our proprietary clone collection and develop novel products to analyze the proteome, empowering researchers to continue their journey from Genomics to Proteomics. Learn more about Us, our history, and our beliefs!


Our Antibody Brands 


UltraMAB.gif TrueMAB.png TrueRAB.png
UltraMAB® are OriGene developed mouse monoclonal antibodies whose mono-reactivity is tested using a high-density protein chip. Learn more TrueMAB are OriGene developed mouse monoclonal antibodies generated against full length human protein produced in human cells as immunogens.

TrueRAB are recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies developed using OriGene's proprietary single B cell cloning technology





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